Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peeking at Seedlings

For 3 days Adam has was peeking at and over-monitoring the growth of his seeds. A watched pot never boils. He forgot about them for a day or so and magic happened. The plastic propagator has been the best spent €7.99. Adam said, "I love this thing. It really works."

Adam sneaks away to his room several times a day and night to check his propagator. 
He goes upstairs to his windowsill so often, that now he doesn't tell us anymore. 
He makes up other excuses like "I need a toy" or 
"I am going to use the other bathroom, upstairs."

 Counting the seedlings. Adam has 11 new plants. 
We paid €1.99 for about 40 sunflower seeds. 
At the garden center, they sell a huge bag of 1000s of sunflower seeds 
for the same price called "bird food." 

What has helped accelerate the seedling process is an uncharacteristically warm spell in the Netherlands. Our spring weather is warmer now than in famously sunnier spots like Italy and Spain. 

Tucking the sunflower seedlings back into their warm home. 
Adam held his hand over the top to feel the heat of the sun...
 or the heat coming from the propagator...or both.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Planting seeds

On the second day of spring, Adam (8) is like a new baby lamb jumping and running. The same way most people in Holland felt in this weather. He planted violets yesterday.

Today, he wanted to grow his own flowers, buy his own seeds, with his own money. Green shoots or pictures of more inactive dirt may follow.

Adam Quote from the garden center
"Why is that lawn mower 10 euros LESS than that chair? Why would you spend 100 euros on a chair when you could have a lawn mower that does something. Mows grass. Has a motor. And, is cheaper than a chair?"

Adam all set up to start planting his seeds. 
Behind him on the table are the purple and white violets he planted yesterday.

Planting his first morning glory seeds. 
Now, the new seeds are tucked in, wet and 
warm in his new plastic propagator on his windowsill.

Digging some shallow graves for 20 or so red sunflower seeds, all in the same hole. 

Trying to get him to use a one seed per hole method, instead of the sprinkle in one place method.

Making some space for more sunflower seeds. 
This is the first tulip outing itself in our garden. 

Giving water. Lots and lots of water. Water means you care and love your plants. 
Our plants have been showered in love and water for two days. 

Planting wild flower seed mix in a pot. 
Something seems wrong with putting wild things in a pot. 
We will see if they survive.

Mackie the Ragdoll coveting the long grass pieces from my white and pink tulip arrangement.
Let's hope Adam's "AFTER" picture of his own flowers is this pretty.