Monday, April 30, 2012

Queen's Day 2012 - Vleuterweide & Leersum

On this Queen's Day, I took pictures in both Leersum and my village Vleuterweide which was full of little orange kids, and parents. Queen's Day is a nationwide flea market where kids, families, divorcees, singles, young, old, all sell their old treasures on the street. It's nearly a requirement to wear orange in support of the royal family named Oranje or Orange.

 Her headband with a crown and orange braided pigtails was my absolute favorite.

 These two are mine.

Adam is angry because he cannot find any quality products to buy with his 5 euro. 

 Some kids sell their old toys and stuff. Some kids play and sing for money. 

 Got myself a Dutch flag painted on my face. Van Den Berg Photography.

 Even the animals go orange. 

These two guys had been to the city of Rhenen where the Queen visited personally today. 
In Rhenen, they gave out these orange sashes and hats to the crowd. 

Heading home with grandma in Vleuterweide.

Heading home with training wheels in Leersum. 

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