Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wiener in the tulips

This is Gumbo, a 4 year old tri-colored dachshund. We are scratching #4 off of our list of Top 27 places to visit before you die

Wiener dog visits tulip fields in the Netherlands. Check.
 Up-Close-and-Personal Gumbo has an American Piebald smooth-haired dachshund for a father. His mother is a Dutch brown long-haired dachshund. The wiener mix has given him a brown head and brown butt, with crazy white and black "Gremlins" kind of hair. 
Camera-Shy Gumbo's first flower field of the day was Hyacinths near Oudesluis, the Netherlands.
Out-of-Shape Gumbo is hot near a pink Hyacinth field 2km/3miles from Oudesluis, the Netherlands. 

Thirsty Gumbo getting cool water from a gas station coffee cup. 

Eagle-Eye Gumbo spotting some bikers to chase or bite in the distance. He may look cute, but he is a sneaky biter and doesn't like strangers. Purple Hyacinth near Oudesluis. 

Finally, Springy Jumpy Gumbo's first tulip field with red and orange tulip blend near 't Zand, the Netherlands.

Enough-Already Gumbo not so patiently sitting in front of a field of white and yellow Narcissus near 't Zand, the Netherlands.

Melancoly Gumbo climbing the sand dunes to overlook the last flower field of the day along the sea 8km/11 miles from Callantoog. We were a bit early this year.
See the same spot in late April 2012.  

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  1. MRob loves some Gumbo. If Gumbo doesn't like you, there's probably a reason.