Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Jam with Fresh Dutch Strawberries

Adam's Strawberry Jam, the final product. Now scroll to see the sweet production.
Saving Gram's Yummy Mother's Day Jam until July when she visits.
First time fearless jammers: Britt 11, Adam 10, Julius 9. We are going to make jam for our moms.  

Prep time. Cutting 2.5kg or 5 lbs of strawberries. 

Junior Master Chef Britt's method.
Junior Master Chef Julius picking the best berries for his mom.
Adam making sure we all cut the same size, Master Chef style.

Supervising Master Chef Judge / Dad John giving some instructions.

Stirring the pot. Adding 2.5kg or 5 lbs of jelly sugar.

We are jamming. Action shots.

Master Watcher Mom Tammie hoping to get a taste. Van Gilse Gelei Suiker should have been filming us. 

Since 1882, some Dutch kids might have been making jam for their Dutch mommies.

Almost forgot the lemons.
Lemons best squeezed with tongue out, Master Chef technique.  

Strawberry red and ready to cook. 

Boiling hot strawberries go into our jars.

We had 6 jars, exactly enough for 3 moms, 3 omas and some taste testing.

Cooling down. Upside down. That's what the instructions say. Tomorrow we make our own labels.

Britt's jam. Her mom and oma will be surprised by this sweetness.

Thank you Van Gilse Sugar Company!
Van Gilse saw our jam day pictures. They need to get Facebook and Twitter.
The kids are very happy with special sticker book of jam labels and a cookbook with some sweet recipes.

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