Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bike route scouting near Ham Tower in Vleuten

Today we scouted a bike route for the Texas family coming this month and found a spectacular route with Ham Tower on the edge of Vleuten. 

You may have seen Ham Toren in other posts with Flat Stanley in Holland. Take a look at the inside and see views of the countryside from the top, then you will understand why I want to live there.

Family bike route scouting. Wiener dog was other dog and ducks scouting.
Ham Tower is in the background on the horizon.
Ham Toren or Ham Tower is a privately owned tower built in 1259.
Ham Tower is now for sale. Price unknown. 

Gumbo the wiener dog looking regal and at home in front of Ham Tower.

Family selfie in front of some iron cow art in the middle of a field.

Adam's family selfie.

Waited for the teenager with his trolling motor boat to get to the bridge and in front of the sunset.
Worth the wait. Thank you little boat blue. 

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